Warriors in Their Own Words is back with all new episodes hosted by Ken Harbaugh. In partnership with the Honor Project and Evergreen Podcasts, we’re rebooting this podcast at a time when our nation needs these stories more than ever. For generations, Americans have answered the call and gone where their country sent them. They’ve done their best to serve with honor, often under unthinkable circumstances.In Warriors in Their Own Words, we’ll dig into the archives to bring you stories from wars that have begun to recede in our collective memory. World Wars I and II, Vietnam, and more.We’ll also bring you brand-new stories, from a new generation of warriors. We’ll hear about places like Iraq and Afghanistan, from the battlefield and behind the scenes.Warriors in Their Own Words is our attempt to present the raw truth of what we have asked from those who wear our country’s uniform - or those who operate in the shadows. Thank you for listening and, by doing so, honoring those who serve.New episodes will be released every other week. Subscribe to the podcast now to see them in your feed.