The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro not only earned their pay recently but they also once again proved themselves worthy of their boat's namesake. After struggling to catch up to a narco-sub filled with 17,000 pounds of cocaine, the crew hopped aboard the partially-submerged craft, opened the hatch, and apprehended the crew as the boats all sped along at the water line.

If for some reason you didn't actually think the Coast Guard was cool, just watch this Coastie bang on a cartel submarine like they personally violated his property.

The capture at sea was part of a months-long cocaine bust that intercepted some 17,000 pounds of the drug at a value of more than $232 million. The video shows crewmen from the USCG Cutter Munro shouting at a submarine to stop as it moved along the surface of the Pacific Ocean. When the sub failed to heed their warnings, the Coast Guard got as close as they could before jumping on top of the vehicle and banging on the hatch.

When the narco-sub's crew didn't respond to the knocking, the Coast Guard forced the hatch open and apprehended the crew. The June 18 incident at sea was part of a much larger operation that netted 14 smuggling ships, 55 traffickers, and 39,000 pounds of cocaine for a street value of $569 million.