This toddler's White House briefing on COVID-19 is the best thing you'll see today

"No more hugs. No more kisses. You can wave. I want a snack."

With an abundance of data points on COVID-19 -- the news, your friend from high school who has turned into a respiratory and infectious disease expert on social media despite never going to med school, your family, your neighbors, that group text -- it's difficult to discern what is relevant and what is truthful.

Finally, here's one source that absolutely nails it. Three-year-old toddler "Dr. Big Sister" Hannah Curtis delivers a spot on briefing from her very own White House.

Toddler gives COVID-19 update

While the Curtis family has grandparents that served in the military, Hannah's dad, Mike Curtis, said that Hannah has a strong draw to the medical field. "Since [Hannah] could talk, she has always wanted to be a doctor," he said in a Facebook interview with We Are The Mighty. "My sister -- Aunt Jo Jo -- had the idea for Hannah to do this so we setup and hit record! Hannah has an uncle and aunt that are doctors and loves talking to them about their jobs."

Well, we absolutely loved hearing Hannah give her White House briefing. From the sage advice of social distancing, the importance of flattening the curve and most importantly -- the snack break -- we are here for it all.

Thanks, Hannah! We hope your briefings become a regular thing. This might be the best thing to come out of quarantine yet. It's definitely the cutest.