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If you've ever moved to a new city or transitioned to a different school as a kid, you may have experienced culture shock. The ordeal could be disorienting, but it probably wasn't long before you made new friends and adjusted to your environment.

Now amplify that times 100, that's what it's like for some troops visiting foreign countries for the first time.

In this episode of the We Are The Mighty podcast, we discuss why partying in the Middle East is so darn hard.

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  • August Dannehl: Navy veteran, WATM show producer and chef - Augie is the host of our popular video series, "HURRY UP AND WATCH!" where he breaks down some of our favorite military movies in three minutes. He also cooks, hosts and produces "Meals Ready To Eat" a show that takes him around the world to bring people together with food. More about Augie:

  • Steven Briggs: Comedian, actor, and USO entertainer - Briggs is an LA-based comedian and performer having appeared on TV, clubs, and theaters across the US. He's also a USO entertainer and has traveled abroad to deliver laughter and entertainment to the troops through the 'Apocalaughs' tour. Learn more about Steven:

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