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October 19, 2017

Blumhouse Television and We Are The Mighty Partner to Produce Searching for Bergdahl

The untold story of the soldiers involved in the nearly five-year (1,797 day) search for the missing sergeant -- one of the largest manhunts in military history – employing more resources than even the search for Osama Bin Laden.

Deadline Hollywood: We Are The Mighty Partners with Blumhouse to Produce Bowe Bergdahl Documentary

September 22, 2017

Gold Star Mother's Day (Sunday, Sept. 24th)

An Opportunity for Honor, Reflection and Connection from WATM's Co-Founder & CEO David Gale

There are few things in life more difficult for a parent to accept than the loss of a child. While we have names for people who have lost a spouse (a "widow" or "widower"), or have lost their parents (an "orphan"), there is no commonly-known word for a person who has lost their child. It is unimaginable.

February 9, 2017

Hollywood Bridging The Military Civilian Divide

Trumps Freeze Hurts Young Veterans Who Were Already Having Trouble Getting Jobs

January 25, 2017

Military Media Brand We Are The Mighty Unveils THE MIGHTY 25 Veterans

Whose Impact and Influence are Shaping America

April 4, 2015

Army General Stan McChrystal (Ret) Sits Down With We Are The Mighty For A Discussion About National Service

McChrystal Tells WATM that the American Concept of Citizenship has Deteriorated to an Alarming Degree