Trained snipers are some of the most dangerous warfighters ever to hit the battlefield. The history books have been inked with the legends of the most talented, deadliest snipers. Their methodical, near-surgical approach is the stuff of nightmares for the enemy and many live in constant fear of being placed in their crosshairs.

Snipers will lay still for hours as they stalk their target, waiting for that perfect shot. When you look through a scope for hours at a time, it's hard not to entertain your brain by coming up with some dark humor. So, we're here to show the world the humorous side of snipers.

1.Every once in a while, Carl does having something important to say.

2.No matter how friendly a sniper appears to be, never cross the line with one of their daughters. They're always watching...

3.The life of a sniper isn't a glamorous one, but they'd never choose a different occupation.


4.Snipers will wait for an eternity before taking their shot. Rarely do these bad boys miss.

5.Something tells us that this primate is going to get a black eye in 3..., 2...

6.Dogs are man's best friend. So, if someone f*cks with a sniper's buddy, it's time to take aim.

7.We bet every driver tapped their brakes once they read that epic road sign...

8.No matter where you're at on the battlefield, a well-trained sniper can pick you out of a crowd.

9.If you're the daughter of a lethal sniper, you may be better off becoming a nun. True story.

10.This must be the largest graduating sniper class yet!

11.Wait a second... they aren't snipers, they're Avengers! That's what good snipers do: Avenge motherf*ckas!