After Action Report #4: A Special Forces vet picks his NFL performers of the week

Each week, Green Berets pick the NFL players worthy of a Special Forces "A-Team." No stats here, just sheer grit.

Stats? Projections? F$%k that noise. Numbers can't guarantee wins, but being as tough as nails sure helps. As the 2018 NFL Season enters its third week and fantasy football fans continue to debate advanced metrics, the veterans at We Are The Mighty are taking a different approach to finding the best players across the league.

This week, our team of self-declared fair-weather fans scouted the NFL to find the players worthy of serving on one the military's most elite units: the Army Special Forces — Operational Detachment Alpha, known exclusively as the "A-Team."

A Special Forces team is full of quiet professionals, each of whom has a set of unique, special skills, ranging from demolitions to weapons to communications. Earning your place on a Special Forces team takes training, time, and a little luck, but it ultimately comes down to one simple question: Can you perform under pressure?

This results-based mentality is exactly the same approach used by NFL players across the league and, in the season's opening week, five players have distinguished themselves worthy of making the inaugural "A Team Report." Some earned this distinguished honor by breaking records while others made the list via sheer, viking-level badassery. Either way, all the players on this week's A-Team Report stepped up when it mattered.

Here are this week's picks:

1.Quarterback C.J. Beathard — San Francisco 49ers

(National Football League)

QB C.J. Beathard executes a clean, strategic fake for a touchdown.

2.Tight End Vance McDonald — Pittsburgh Steelers

(National Football League)

TE Vance McDonald smashes through the defense, staying on his feet as he drags the opponent with him.

3.Running Back Royce Freeman — Denver Broncos

(National Football League)

RB Royce Freeman holds not a second too long before exploding through to the endzone.

4.Tight End Trey Burton — Chicago Bears

(National Football League)

TE Trey Burton slides into the endzone on his knees for the first touchdown of the game.

5.Wide Receiver Michael Gallup — Dallas Cowboys

(National Football League)

Rookie WR Michael Gallup goes flying, but holds onto the ball to make the catch for a 30+ yard gain.