These young men and women are the first troops you'll see in the morning as you drive onto base and they're the last people you'll see as you exit at night. The military police protect us from the various threats trying to sneak onto secured territory and they carefully watch the convicted criminals that are locked up — and this thankless job isn't freakin' easy.

The brave souls who serve as military police also take a lot of sh*t from their brothers- and sisters-in-arms — but it's all in good fun... just like these memes.

1.There are varying perceptions on military policemen.

2.When MPs bust another service member, they're just doing their jobs. That job just so happens to make you a Blue Falcon.

(The Salty Soldier)

3.MPs go through some hardcore training before their assume their posts... and check IDs all day.

4.Like they say, "you'll get better results with sugar than you do with vinegar." Unfortunately, they never listen.

5.They do much more than that, right?

6.Although most service members don't see MP in a favorable light, none doubt their Red Rover abilities.

7.For the record, we didn't create this meme. We're merely reporting it on behalf of infantrymen.

8.Too funny for any additional words.

9.Chase down that speeder! After all, it's about time you felt important.

10.Like we said, there are many, many perceptions...