[brid video="115890" player="7965" title="TYFYS Christmas"]Navy veteran and Food Network Allstar, August Dannehl cooks a four course meal for his fellow vets based on stories from their service. A braised pork belly inspired by the MRE's feared dehydrated pork product, Chicken Tagine inspired by a training mission in Morocco - these elements provide the backdrop for a holiday celebration between veterans.

Featured at the dinner table are USMC veterans James P. Connolly, Drea Garcia, and Donna Callaway and USAF veteran Christopher Allen.


Music courtesy of JinglePunks:

Dramatic Classical Hip Hop - Trent Williamson

Madridista-JP - The Beards

Faded-JP - Shota Ike

History Pitcha-JP - Serval Attack

Thug Piano-JP - Pailboy

Sunset Drive-JP - FINE LINES