[brid video="116497" player="7965" title="Military Muscle"]The team at Military Muscle Gym – four Marine Corps veterans from humble beginnings – offers a unique training experience incorporating military culture and the type of confidence, will-power and motivation which accounts for the pride in physical prowess so often associated with our men and women in uniform.

The four Marines leading the charge are two infantrymen, one artilleryman, and a stand-out female martial arts instructor trainer who just happened to have fought professionally for a living. Throughout the training sessions and often following, the Marines stress to their clients the importance of belief in the self and the mental toughness required to truly maximize potential and ensure progress, whether on the gym mats or in daily living.

In addition to focusing on and supporting self-improvement both physically and mentally, the Marines regularly design training sessions placing high demand on both team-work and communication – skills that are as necessary to mission success in service as they are to anyone anywhere else in the world.