[brid video="115916" player="7965" title="War Ink This Is For Pape"]In this video Army medic William Glazier shares a story about his squad leader, Staff Sergeant Kevin Pape, who looked out for him on his first day in combat.

On the inside of his right arm Glazier's single tattoo simply reads "Rangers," done in a later World War II version used by the elite military group.

"Opening communication between veterans and civilians is an important thing to do," Glazier said. "And that communication is hard."

Glazer's story is part of a video series presented by We Are The Mighty. War Ink: 11 for 11 features 11 combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan using tattoos to tell their stories on and off the battlefield. Each week for the next 11 weeks, a different tattooed veteran will share his or her story.
Do you have a tattoo that tells the story of your war experiences? Post a photo of it at We Are The Mighty's Facebook page with the hashtag #WeAreTheMightyInk. WATM will be teeing up the coolest and most intense ones through Veteran's Day.Video Credit: Rebecca Murga and Karen Kraft